Water and Health Limnology
Water management in Food, Agriculture and Livestock Aquatic Animals
Aquaculture and Fisheries Heavy Metals in Water and Removal Studies
Aquatic Microbiology Water Biodiversity
Forest and Water Interactions Urban Landscape and Water Management
Enviroment and Water Interactions Water and Municipality
Water Treatment Water and Tourism
Wastewater Management Administration of the Provinces, Water and Environmental Affairs
Wetlands Occupational Health and Safety
Water Politics Sustainable Development and Water
Drinking Water Toxicology
Management of reservoirs and aquifers European Union and Water Policy
Water and Energy Water and terrorism
Disaster Management Water conflict
Groundwater Innovative water Technologies (biotechnology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence)
Water Economics Population and Water
Water Rights Water Stresses in Living Organism
Water and Culture Dams
Hydrobiology Water scarcity